Edgecombe Realty Advisors Inc

Pioneers in Asset and Portfolio Management

For over forty years Edgecombe has been providing real estate advisory and management services to large Canadian pension funds and other major institutional investors across Canada. With a solid background in asset management as the foundation of the company, Edgecombe has also pioneered a unique strategy of portfolio management focused on rigorous monitoring and reporting procedures.

Edgecombe Realty Advisor’s industry experts provide investors with a comprehensive mix of services. These include direct investment management, portfolio and fund advisory, debt advisory, property work-out management, acquisition and disposition management and strategic planning. A multi-disciplined approach allows us to apply innovative, flexible and value-enhancing strategies – custom tailored to meet the objectives of each client’s real estate portfolio. We act as fiduciary for our clients. Our mandate is to provide maximum value and return on investment while ensuring security and creating portfolio diversity.


Birk's Place, Vancouver

Birk's Place | Asset Management Toronto

Purchased and privatised in 2001 as part of a stock purchase on the TSX. Edgecombe provided asset management and property management as well as leasing and construction supervision. The property was sold at a substantial profit in 2006.